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Scientology in Germany


The Church of Scientology has been active in Germany since 1970.It currently has 4,000 adherents (according to the German government) and 12,000 (according to the Church of Scientology). However, Scientology occupies a precarious legal and social position. The German government considers it an…

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What makes fireworks colorful?

It all thanks to the luminescence of metals. When certain metals are heated (over a flame or in a hot explosion) their electrons jump up to a higher energy state. When those electrons fall back down, they emit specific frequencies of light - and each chemical has a unique emission spectrum.

You can see that the most prominent bands in the spectra above match the firework colors. The colors often burn brighter with the addition of an electron donor like Chlorine (Cl). 

But the metals alone wouldn’t look like much. They need to be excited. Black powder (mostly nitrates like KNO3) provides oxygen for the rapid reduction of charcoal (C) to create a lot hot expanding gas - the BOOM. That, in turn, provides the energy for luminescence - the AWWWW.

Aluminium has a special role — it emits a bright white light … and makes sparks!

Images: Charles D. Winters, Andrew Lambert Photography / Science Source, iStockphoto, Epic Fireworks, Softyx, Mark Schellhase, Walkerma, Firetwister, Rob Lavinsky,, Søren Wedel Nielsen



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I’ve watched this too many times now and I love it more and more each time.

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I wasn’t expecting that.


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Wonderfully made – important to read.

Plastic Ocean - Issue One - Dumped at SeaUniversity project highlighting the issue of plastic pollution at sea

Wonderfully made – important to read. Plastic Ocean - Issue One - Dumped at Sea
University project highlighting the issue of plastic pollution at sea


Deep Sea Fauna… with Googly Eyes is an awesome site right here on Tumblr that posts photos of amazing deep sea creatures that have been hilariously enhanced with googly eyes. Learn about the myriad mysterious creature of the deep while laughing at their goofy peepers. (Don’t worry, they live way, way far down in the ocean depths. They’ll never know.)

These images are just a small sampling. Head over to deepseafauna for many more.

And what about you? Do you have an urge to googly eye-ify something? Click here to stock up.

It’s Wonderfully Weird Water Friday on Geyser of Awesome!

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This is amazing: A partnership between Water Is Life and scientists at Carnegie Melon created the world’s first “drinkable book” – an educational pamphlet on safe water habits for the developing world, where contamination takes millions of lives each year, printed on “pages” that double as a filter that eliminates cholera, typhoid, and e.coli bacteria.

The filter is fully sustainable and takes only pennies to produce, which renders it by far the cheapest option on the market. Each filter can give a person up to 30 days of clean water, and each book can offer four years’ worth.